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Partner feature: Meet GCRCCP's East Georgia Healthcare Clinic Liasion, Sable Fleming

6/28/2022, Georgia CORE

Recently, Georgia CORE interviewed Sable Fleming, our Georgia Colorectal Cancer Control Program (GCRCCP) liaison at one of  partner organizations, East Georgia Healthcare Clinic.

Tell us a little about yourself. "I am the Clinic Liaison at East Georgia Healthcare Center (EGHC). I began working at EGHC in September 2020 as a chronic care case manager and transitioned into the role of clinical liaison in February 2021. As the clinic liaison, I act as a bridge between the Georgia Colorectal Cancer Control Program and all of the clinics within EGHC."

What inspired you to transition to the clinic liaison role? "I have also had a floor nursing position that was hands-on as I am trained as an LPN. I wanted to explore a new adventure of working behind the scenes and supporting all of the providers and staff members working to ensure the Georgia Colorectal Cancer Control Program (GCRCCP)  was functioning well."

What does your day-to-day look like? "I am responsible for tracking all data related to the GCRCCP. I track data such as our CRC screening rate by clinic, rate and insurance status. I partner with clinics to make sure they understand the process and answer any questions that they have about the evidence-based interventions (EBIs) that have been chosen for their clinic."

What has been your most rewarding moment of working with GCRCCP? "It's rewarding to be able to provide options for the underserved. If ever a patient has a positive Hemosure test, they are so relieved to hear that a navigator will be contacting them to discuss the next steps and colonoscopy process of our program. GCRCCP connects patients to free or low-cost colonoscopies. If you’re not working, how do you enjoy spending your time?During the week you’ll find me at the ballfield watching my son play baseball. When I’m not doing homework for my program (I am currently enrolled at Albany State University), I’m riding our side-by-side with my husband and kids or painting anything I can find."

Sable is onsite at the Swainsboro EGHC clinic and I can be reached by email at

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