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Georgia CORE leads statewide advocacy efforts to promote equity in cancer care, funding and policy. Though specific legislation we follow my change from year to year (please come back to this page in December), one ivery important ssue we're always adocating for is the:

Designation of additional Tobacco Settlement Funds for cancer care and research. In 1998, Georgia entered into a settlement agreement with tobacco manufacturers that provided for annual payments to the State in perpetuity, the intent of which was to help states address and prevent the harmful health effects of tobacco use. In 2001, Georgia dedicated 27% of its tobacco settlement funds to cancer-specific activities. In 2019, Georgia dedicated only 9% to cancer-specific activities. We respectfully request that more of these funds be designated for screening Georgians for lung, colorectal, breast, prostate, and cervical cancer.

Last Updated: 8/09/2021 2:38:30 PM

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Cancer Center opens in Braselton

“This new collaborative space puts our patients’ needs front and center by providing a more cohesive environment with access to both medical oncology/hematology and radiation oncology services within steps of each other,” says Charles Nash III, MD, FACP, medical director of NGMC’s Cancer Services and medical oncologist with Longstreet Clinic (and Georgia CORE Board member).


Georgia CORE


Advancing Cancer Care through Partnerships and Innovation

Georgia CORE is a statewide nonprofit that leverages partnerships and innovation to attract more clinical trials, increase research, and promote education and early detection to improve cancer care for Georgians in rural, urban, and suburban communities across the state.