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Why Survivorship?


Four hundred eighty-eight thousand. 488,000. Currently, the number of cancer survivors living in Georgia.

But what is a Cancer Survivor?  The National Cancer Institute Office of Cancer Survivorship considers an individual a survivor from the time of diagnosis through the balance of his or her life.  Because caregivers, friends and family are also affected by the diagnosis, they are also included in the definition of cancer survivor. As a result of innovative research, improved detection, access to care and treatment, a focus on life after treatment, and a growing/aging population, more people are surviving cancer than ever before.

It has become clear that when primary treatment ends, the cancer journey does not. Cancer survivors face each day with concerns and a lack of knowledge about what “survivorship” means for them.   What are the late and long-term side effects they will need to address?   When do they need to schedule their next surveillance appointments?   What are their nutrition and physical activity needs?

Georgia CORE’s goal was to develop a comprehensive resource that provides evidence-based information for survivors, caregivers and healthcare professionals, highlighting the resources and services available across Georgia.  We leverage all of Georgia CORE’s statewide resources and partnerships:  a research network, Cancer Patient Navigators of Georgia organization, Georgia’s Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan, oncologists and Commission on Cancer accredited cancer center directors to elevate the quality of survivorship care available in Georgia. That goal is now the “Cancer Survivorship Connection”. 

Georgia CORE has the vision that one day all cancer survivors in Georgia will seek and receive evidence-based, coordinated care.  Our mission is to be a bridge between active cancer treatment and long-term survivorship, with tools, information and connectivity that will support survivors in their ongoing cancer journey.  The success of the Cancer Survivorship Connection will ultimately lie in its capacity to connect survivors, caregivers and healthcare professionals with each other and with the resources and awareness they need to integrate survivorship into a new culture of cancer care in Georgia.

Last Updated: 6/23/2023 10:23:25 AM


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