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Investments in Research

Georgia CORE has developed and nurtured collaboration with other organizations working to fight cancer which has enabled us to further our dollars and increase the impact on advancements in cancer research.

Georgia Cancer Research Fund

The Georgia Cancer Research Fund is administered by Georgia CORE but funded by Georgia taxpayers who elect to donate on their tax forms. In 2022, just in time for Cancer Research Month, Georgia CORE awarded Jack Arbiser, MD, PhD of the Emory University School of Medicine and Lisa Flowers, MD, MPH of the Georgia Cancer Center for Excellence at Grady a Collaborative Cancer Research Seed Grant from the Georgia Cancer Research Fund. The $100,000 grant will fund a clinical trial titled, "Phase I Dose Escalation Study of the Use of ACU-D1, a Topical Proteasome Inhibitor in HPV associate Vulvar and Perianal Lesion in People with HIV." It will study the efficacy of a self-applied medication that has the potential to treat and reduce the volume of vulvar and perianal premalignant disease and will widen the preventive treatment options in populations significantly burdened by vulvar and perianal cancers.  

Read about previous grantees and how you can contribute to the fund here.


Georgia CORE staff and board members have also contributed to a number of research publications, some of which are listed on this site, including a 2018 article in the The Journal of Clinical Oncology which features the first ten years of Georgia CORE's research network and our focus on clinical trials.

Gynecologic Oncology Group Consortium to NRG Oncology to NCORP

The Georgia CORE Gynecologic Oncology Group Consortium was created in 2007 as a unique, collaborative model to provide access to National Cancer Institute-sponsored gynecologic clinical trials by affiliated gynecologic oncologists throughout the state. Since its inception, the Consortium has enrolled more than 225 patients on clinical trials, roughly one-quarter of whom are racial/ethnic minorities. This Consortium became a full member of the Gynecologic Oncology Group (GOG) in 2009 after two years of provisional membership. The Georgia CORE GOG Consortium has demonstrated the effectiveness of this innovative approach in several critical areas: growth of academic and community-based affiliates; volume of enrollment on GOG studies; enrollment of minority and rural patients; quality of data as determined by monitoring and auditing; participation in high priority and Phase I studies; and leadership on national GOG committees. In 2013, nine organizations were affiliated with the Georgia CORE GOG Consortium. During that year, the Consortium acquired nearly four times the required number of membership points.

In 2014, NCI's GOG transitioned into NRG Oncology; Georgia CORE became a main voting member of NRG Oncology, and then a partner in Georgia NCORP.

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Georgia Distinguished Cancer Scholars Summit a Success

On May 9, Georgia’s Distinguished Cancer Scholars gathered for the first time since the program was discontinued more than a decade ago.


Four multinational, interdisciplinary teams selected to address major challenges in cancer

The research being conducted by the four selected teams includes investigation of 1) a muscle-wasting condition in cancer patients known as cachexia, 2) the biology of extrachromosomal DNA in cancer 3) new therapies for solid tumors in children, and 4) what triggers normal cells harboring cancer-causing mutations to become tumor cells.


Georgia CORE's FY22 Annual Report

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Disparities in Cancer Clinical Trials Summit

On Sept. 30, Georgia's cancer experts shared advice and experiences with oncology providers, patient navigators and research managers - all to provide new ways to diversify participation in clinical trials. See scenes from the summit >>


Research Trials Saves Lives

Lynn Durham shares her cancer journey on the podcast, Kickin' it Forward.


Georgia CORE


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Georgia CORE is a statewide nonprofit that leverages partnerships and innovation to attract more clinical trials, increase research, and promote education and early detection to improve cancer care for Georgians in rural, urban, and suburban communities across the state.