Northside Hospital Cancer Institute Receives Colonoscopy Grant

Northside Hospital Cancer Institute (NHCI) received a $3,597 grant from the Colon Cancer Coalition to help reduce the financial burden of colonoscopies for underserved patients in the Atlanta area.

Northside Hospital and Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates (AGA) will provide colon preparation kits more than 100 underserved patients at no cost. These patients will be identified through AGA’s ongoing Financial Assistance Program and by those who express financial need.

“Colonoscopies are one of the most powerful weapons for preventing colorectal cancer,” Dale Israel, disparities outreach coordinator for Northside Hospital Cancer Institute said. “They can prevent many cases by finding certain types of polyps before they have the chance to turn into cancer, furthermore, if found early, colorectal cancer is highly curable.”

According to the Colon Prep Center, kits typically cost $30 and may cost up to $35 for patients diagnosed with diabetes or other underlying conditions. The prep kit is an osmotic laxative use for cleansing the colon in preparation for a colonoscopy. The kits will either be available on site at the Colon Prep Center or ordered and shipped directly to the patients’ residence.

This grant is not the first that Northside has received for programs targeting the underserved. In July 2014, Northside was awarded a five-year grant by the National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) to enhance cancer research in the community.


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