Mary Lynn Hemphill, LCSW from Piedmont Healthcare Receives Oncology Social Worker of the Year Award

Mary Lynn Hemphill has dedicated the majority of her professional career to helping cancer patients. She has 25 years’ experience as an LCSW and received her MSW from the University of Georgia. She passionately believes in her patients and in their ability to overcome the many obstacles associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment. She is kind, compassionate, inquisitive, and sincere in her interactions with patients. She frequently arranges and promotes activities, like organizing Piedmont’s monthly outpatient social work meeting, that go beyond her duties as an outpatient oncology social worker in order to ensure patients get the best possible care. Piedmont is a much better organization because of her.

Mary Lynn is generous and wise with everyone she touches, patients and colleagues alike. She pulled together a rather disparate group of outpatient social workers in our large healthcare system, organizing monthly peer support meetings where job successes and frustrations are shared, all the while cross-fertilizing our social work specialties. Collaboration always improves social workers, and because of Mary Lynn, we’re doing it. Please join me in congratulating Mary Lynn Hemphill as the recipient of the 2018 AOSW Oncology Social Worker of the Year!