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‘Let other people help you’: Three-time cancer survivor talks journey, bouts with cancer

6/17/2021, Molly Godley, WALB-TV (Albany)

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Georgia.

The Center for Oncology Research and Education, or CORE, is a nonprofit working to bring more resources to the Peach State. Its goal is to prevent cancer deaths through prevention.

CORE CEO Lynn Durham’s battle and win against cancer are some of the reasons she wanted to spread awareness about cancer care.

“I’ve heard those awful words you have had cancer three times, but I also know that I would not be alive today if it were not for clinical trials in Georgia and outside of Georgia,” said Durham.

Now, she’s in full remission and working with Georgia communities to provide grants for cancer screenings and clinical trials.

Clinical trials allow testing for new treatments, as well as new drugs.

Cynthia George is the CEO Of Horizons Community Solutions. CORE teamed up with Albany’s Horizons Community Solutions and their CEO Cynthia George to do just that.

“We got a wonderful CDC grant. The only one in the state of Georgia,” said George.

Horizons is a regional cancer coalition serving southwest Georgia.

Durham said they are vital in cancer care.

“They are incredible. They work with our underserved and under-resourced population. So, they can get the screenings they need, they can get the care they need to access treatment,” said Durham.

She said COVID-19 had an impact on catching cancer in the early stages.

“So many women get a mammogram every year. While they may not have done it for the past two years. So, they need to go talk with her primary care doctor and they need to talk about all the screenings,” said Durham.

For those who are battling cancer, Durham has some advice for their journey.

“Let other people help you. People want to help, and it gives them joy to be able to help you. I think people going through treatment feel they have to be strong, and they have to do everything themselves you don’t. You need to depend on those around you, who want to love you and want to be a part of your journey,” said Durham.

For more information on cancer research, click here.

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