Georgia CORE Featured in Healthcare Executive's "Embracing Diversity in Healthcare"

Diversity is also threaded through the organizational fabric of the Georgia Center for Oncology Research and Education (Georgia CORE), Atlanta, a nonprofit organization that joins specialists in designing and conducting clinical trials statewide. Founded in 2003, the organization counts increasing access to leading-edge clinical trials among minority and rural populations as one of its chief accomplishments.

That accomplishment grew naturally from Georgia CORE's mission, which includes reducing disparities in cancer treatment, notes Nancy M. Paris, FACHE, president. "We have doctors and nurses from many types of institutions and specialties who want to serve a broad spectrum of the community," she says. "Diversity is part and parcel of the way that they work, and consequently it's the way our network functions. That's what you get when you have strategic alignment from the top. We're not deliberately trying to develop tactics at the point of care or hiring to fulfill a quota. Diversity flows from our commitment to improving cancer care for everyone."

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