CDC Launches Bring Your Brave Breast Cancer Campaign for Young Women

New CDC Breast Cancer Campaign for Young Women

While rare, breast cancer does affect women under the age of 45. Young women, however, may not realize they are at risk.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) new Bring Your Brave campaign, launched in May 2015, tells real stories about young women whose lives have been affected by breast cancer. These stories about prevention, risk, and survivorship bring to life the idea that young women can be personally affected by breast cancer. Through these testimonials, Bring Your Brave aims to inspire young women to learn their risk for breast cancer, initiate a dialogue with their health care provider about their risk, and live a breast healthy lifestyle.

Bring Your Brave is a resource young women can use to guide them as they learn about their risk and take action to protect their health. It is important to ensure young women are armed with knowledge about risk factors for early breast cancer.

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