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2023-24 Breast Cancer License Tag Grants Awarded

10/05/2023, Georgia CORE

Thanks to Georgia drivers who purchased breast cancer awareness license plates in the last year, Georgia CORE has awarded $200,000 total to seven health organizations throughout the state. The Breast Cancer License Tag program aims to reduce breast cancer disparities by increasing breast cancer screenings and education among low-income, uninsured women.

“Breast cancer is one of the deadliest cancers, but also one of the most preventable,” said Lynn Durham, Georgia CORE President and CEO. "Every single one of the plates purchased gets us closer to ensure all of Georgians have access to breast cancer education and screenings.”

Twenty-two dollars ($22) of each “Fight Breast Cancer” license plate purchased or renewed goes to the fund. Georgia CORE administers the grants nearly every year (depending on the success of the sales) on behalf of the State Office of Rural Health in the Department of Community Health. Since its inception more than a decade ago, the breast cancer license plate program has helped hundreds of thousands of under-resourced women obtain screenings, education, and other prevention services. Nearly eight out of every 10 Georgians benefiting from services through the program are non-white.

“While Georgia has increased our breast cancer screening rates, not all women – particularly the uninsured and underserved – receive appropriate screening or treatment,” says Katreena Davis, Senior Program Manager for Georgia CORE. “The work this grant supports plays a role in many women being able to identify breast cancer at an earlier stage, potentially making treatment more effective. Some of the grant recipients are providing treatment support for the complete spectrum of breast cancer care from prevention to early diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitative care.”

The 2023 grant recipients are:

Community Health Works
East Georgia Cancer Coalition
Horizons Community Solutions, Inc.
The Grady Health Foundation, Inc.
TurningPoint Breast Cancer Rehabilitation
West Central Georgia Cancer Coalition
YWCA of Greater Atlanta

Read the winning organizations' abstracts and more about the BCLT program here >>

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