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A high-fiber diet may improve the response of melanoma patients to immunotherapy

Dec 23, 2021

A diet rich in fiber may help some people being treated for melanoma respond to immunotherapy treatment by influencing the gut microbiome, according to a new study led by researchers at the Center for Cancer Research at NCI.

Adaptation Is Key to Advancing Care for Adult Patients With Leukemia

Dec 21, 2021

Jorge E. Cortes, MD, of Georgia CORE's partner Georgia Cancer Center at Augusta University, has been an investigative leader for nearly 30 years in the development of numerous leukemia treatments.

A Physician-Scientist With a Huge Heart for Patients With Lung Cancer

Dec 18, 2021

A colleague describes Dr. Nagla Abdel Karim’s exemplary compassion for patients with lung cancer and how she works hard to increase representation in cancer clinical trials. Dr. Karim is at Georgia Cancer Center in Augusta, one of Georgia CORE's partner cancer centers.

Atlanta health care hub unveils location, holds back other details

Dec 15, 2021

Center for Global Health Innovation leases large space in Midtown tower.

Electronic data collection system makes cancer management easier for patients and doctors

Dec 14, 2021

Georgia’s cancer registry system allows for more efficient and comprehensive collection of cancer-related data.

Community-Based Intervention LEAPS Improves Cancer Care

Dec 13, 2021

A study has shown that interventions that pair community-based health workers with low-income and minority patients with cancer improve quality of life, reduce use of acute care, and may offer more effective and sustainable ways to foster equitable management of cancer, according to new research. 

Cancer hospital chain CTCA to be acquired by City of Hope

Dec 8, 2021

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, a hospital chain with a facility in suburban Atlanta, has agreed to be acquired by the California-based nonprofit system City of Hope, the organizations announced Wednesday.

Northside Hospital Chooses MRIdian System to Expand Advanced Radiation Therapy Treatment Services

Dec 7, 2021

Northside Cancer Institute will be first in Georgia to offer MRI-guided radiation therapy system.

Top Opportunities for Artificial Intelligence to Improve Cancer Care

Nov 29, 2021

By implementing artificial intelligence into cancer care, machine learning tools can detect cancer, assist in decision-making, and recommend treatment approaches. The Georgia Institute of Technology and Ovarian Cancer Institute researchers used machine learning algorithms to determine how their patients would respond to cancer-fighting drugs.

Greetings of gratitude from our president

Nov 18, 2021

Lynn gives a message of thanks and a glimpse into what's to come in 2022.

Prostate Cancer Organoids Open Path to Precision Oncology

Nov 16, 2021

A multi-institutional team of investigators led by Georgia Tech bioengineer Ankur Singh has developed research tools that shed new light on a virtually untreatable form of prostate cancer, opening a pathway that may lead to novel therapeutics and a glimmer of hope for patients.

OncLive® Honors 14 Cancer Care Pioneers With Giants Awards

Nov 16, 2021

Out of hundreds of nominations, 14 oncologists were selected by the Giants of Cancer Care® Steering & Selection Committees to join the prestigious 2021 class, including former Georgia CORE Board member Dr. Walter Curran.

Project Equity: FDA considers options to increase diverse enrollment in clinical trials

Nov 12, 2021

Now, officials at the Oncology Center of Excellence—an entity within FDA that uses an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to accelerate development of oncology products—are assessing options for enforcement, as well as strategies for ensuring greater diversity in adult trials.

Meet the Visionary Defender of Early Detection and Prompt Treatment

Nov 6, 2021

For Dr. Arfoosh, lung cancer screening, quick referrals and prompt treatment for people with newly diagnosed lung cancer are at the forefront of his daily work.

Caryn Lerman’s AACI presidential initiative: Close the diversity gap in the cancer centers’ workforce

Nov 5, 2021

The Association of American Cancer Institutes is designing two programs to address systemic underrepresentation of racial and ethnic minority physicians and scientists in leadership positions in oncology.

Ibrutinib improves survival for younger people with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Nov 4, 2021

New evidence suggests that adding the targeted therapy ibrutinib (Imbruvica) to a standard chemotherapy regimen can improve how long some younger people with a specific form of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) live.

Following personal battle, Sen. Klobuchar promotes preventative cancer screening legislation

Oct 28, 2021

According to Klobuchar, studies have found that more than one in three adults reported delaying or forgoing health care because of coronavirus-related concerns.

Georgia CORE has our own breast cancer care hero!

Oct 27, 2021

We couldn’t let Breast Cancer Awareness Month close without lifting up our very own hero in breast cancer care, Dr. Sheryl Gabram-Mendola.

Tackling health equity and Latinx representation in medicine as U.S. Hispanic population grows

Oct 15, 2021

What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean for us, who are focused on the care of patients facing a cancer diagnosis? And as we grapple with equity in all sectors, let’s also reflect on cancer health equity with a focus on Hispanics. 

Complete cancer care for the whole person

Oct 4, 2021

Radiation oncologist Dr. Matthew Mumber shares an essential aspect of cancer care that focuses on the emotional and mental health of patients.

ACS and four HBCUs including Morehouse announce diversity in cancer research program

Sep 30, 2021

ACS has committed to a $12 million investment to support four HBCU medical schools with DICR institutional development grants to fund a four-year program that aims to increase the pool of minority cancer researchers by identifying talented students and faculty from HBCUs.

NIH study illuminates origins of lung cancer in never smokers

Sep 13, 2021

Most people who develop lung cancer have a history of tobacco smoking, but 10% to 20% of people who develop lung cancer have never smoked. Lung cancer in never smokers occurs more frequently in women and at an earlier age than lung cancer in smokers.

Changes in Newly Identified Cancer Among US Patients From Before COVID-19 Through the First Full Year of the Pandemic

Aug 31, 2021

We previously reported a substantial decline in new cancer diagnosed early in the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. This study updates the analysis through March 2021.

Chasing Cancer with Otis Brawley, MD & Ezekiel J. Emanuel, MD

Jul 28, 2021

Otis Brawley says he thinks coronavirus vaccine should be mandated like other vaccines in the U.S.

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