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Sonia Ray: A Journey of Faith and Finding Purpose in Hardship

Sonia was at the young age of 34 when she started having pain in her breasts. After many doctor visits and struggles to advocate for herself, she was diagnosed with aggressive Stage 3 HER2-positive breast cancer. Over the next two years in her cancer treatment journey, Sonia felt as though she hit every speed bump possible. From a longer chemotherapy to delaying breast reconstruction for a year, Sonia’s journey had her feeling confused physically, emotionally, and mentally. What was her identity outside of cancer? 

This is where Sonia’s faith came in. Self-reflecting, she asked herself ‘Where does God want me in this journey? What is my purpose after experiencing the cancer journey?’.  Through cancer, Sonia networked with other women with the same experiences and volunteered with the Network of Hope at Northside Hospital. These women came together to support each other through trying times with faith. This group of women began extending their support to women in Southside Atlanta. On the days of their surgeries, women would find themselves in the company of Sonia’s close circle, surrounded by emotional support and faith from women who have experienced the same hardships they were starting to endure. Woman after woman, Sonia’s group found itself as an established support group, now called Harbor of Hope, Inc.  

Harbor of Hope, Inc. dedicates itself to assist women through the breast cancer journey. Hospital visits have remained, but the organization has broadened its offerings to financially, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually support breast cancer patients and survivors. Now, with monthly support group meetings and minister connection, Habor of Hope, Inc. has established itself within Southside Atlanta. Sonia remains a dedicated part of the organization, and has found solace in Harbor of Hope, Inc.’s purpose herself.  

After 8 years, Sonia discovered she was no longer in remission. Her once difficult cancer journey had resurfaced. However, now she has the support and community of Harbor of Hope, Inc. Sonia continues to remain positive through this new portion of her breast cancer journey, especially knowing that her faith is stronger than ever.  

For more information on Harbor of Hope, Inc., visit their website at  

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