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Georgia's Two Fight Cancer License Plates

Buy a plate. Save a life.

Georgia's "Fight Cancer" License Plate Initiative

You can help thousands of Georgians prevent or fight cancer – by making your next Georgia license plate a "fight cancer" plate.

Proceeds from sales of these plates support education, screenings and treatment for Georgians in need. Plus, you let others know – just by driving around – that you're "all-in" on fighting cancer.

Here’s how it works:

  • Visit your local tag office ANYTIME and ask for one of these plates by either its name or category code:
    • The Breast Cancer plate is called “Breast Cancer” and has a category code of BCLT. 
    • The All Cancer plate is called “GA CORE,” and its category code is C-1.
  • In some counties, you can order the plate online when your annual tag renewal is due.
  • The plate costs $80 the first time you buy it and $55 when you renew it.
  • At the tag office, they may have the plate in stock; or they’ll give you a temporary plate and mail you your "fight cancer" license plate very soon.
  • Find your county tag office here >

The Breast Cancer License Plate program started in 2002; the plate was redesigned in 2021.
See how this breast cancer license plate has helped Georgians >

The All Cancer License Plate ("All Together, Stop Cancer") was added in 2021.

Adding one of the "fight cancer" license plates to your vehicle costs a little extra and takes a little effort...But you'll be helping Georgians with limited access to healthcare prevent or fight cancer.

Last Updated: 8/25/2021 2:42:33 PM

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Georgia CORE is a statewide nonprofitthat leverages partnerships and innovation to attract more clinical trials, increase research, and promote education and early detection to improve cancer care for Georgians in rural, urban, and suburban communities across the state.