Georgia's Two Fight Cancer License Plates

Will you do one small thing to help Georgians in need fight cancer?

It involves sharing a few minutes of your time … and paying a little more of your license plate.

By visiting your county tag office — and ordering either the new Cancer or newly re-designed Breast Cancer license plate – you’ll help provide Georgians in need with cancer education, screenings and treatment.

(In almost all Georgia counties, you have to go to the tag office to get these specialty plates. After that – you can renew online, in a kiosk or in person.)

Here’s how it works:

  • Visit your local tag office and ask for one of these plates by either its name or category code: The Breast Cancer plate is called “Breast Cancer Awareness” and has a category code of BCLT. The Stop Cancer plate is called “Fight Against Cancer,” and its category code is C-1.
  • In some counties, you can order the plate online when your annual tag renewal is due (but can't use the code).
  • The plate costs $80 the first time you buy it and $55 when you renew it.
  • At the tag office, they may have the plate in stock; or they’ll give you a temporary plate and mail you your new license plate very soon. Find your county tag office here >

The Breast Cancer license plate program started in 2002 and redesigned in 2021. (See how this breast cancer license plate has helped Georgians >) The "all" Cancer license plate was added in 2021.

Purchasing one of these license plates is an act of generosity that:

  • Contributes to important programs to promote the good health of Georgians who are at risk and/or in medically underserved areas
  • Drives awareness (literally!) – because your license plate tells others that you're helping others fight cancer
  • Provides a way for you to honor someone who has battled cancer

About that last point: When you get your plate, take a photo and post it to social media to help us build awareness! Something like: "Went to the county tag office and got my ‘Fight Cancer’ license plate!  I did it for [ Name your honoree ]. Get yours too! More at"

Last Updated: 3/07/2023 1:01:31 PM