Cancer Coalition of South Georgia: 2015 Photo Voice Project

The Georgia Department of Public Health commissioned the Cancer Coalition of South Georgia to determine the outlook of cancer survivorship in South Georgia. First-hand information was collected from area survivors through focus groups and a unique photo voice project.

Photo Voice is a process by which individuals use photo images to capture aspects of their environment and experiences. The pictures, accompanied with captions or journals, are shared with others to bring the realities of the photographers’ lives to the attention of stakeholders.  Photo voice is a useful tool for research, education, and awareness.

Seven area cancer survivors were equipped with digital cameras and asked to capture photographs representing a day in the life of a survivor including the highs, lows, successes, and challenges. The survivorship stories articulated through these images told powerful stories of strength and courage.

A reception was held May 14, 2015 at the Albany Museum of Art to honor participating survivors. Images collected during the Photo Voice Project were unveiled to nearly 75 attendees including survivors, healthcare professionals, caregivers, family, and friends.

“The Cancer Coalition is thrilled to have the opportunity to creatively explore stories of cancer survivors in South Georgia,” said Kimberly Scott, MPH, director of the Center to Reduce Cancer Disparities. “The Photo Voice Project allows our organization to better understand the needs of cancer survivors in our area, and provides useful qualitative data that can benefit a variety of audiences including other survivors, health care professionals and caregivers.” 

2015 Photo Voice Participants pose for a group shot at a reception held at the Albany Museum of Art.



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Information & Photos provided by: The Cancer Coalition of South Georgia

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